Counselling in Bath.


Psychodynamic counselling is a form of talk-based therapy that encourages self-reflection.  I offer a supportive, confidential space to explore the root causes of difficult feelings and behavioural patterns. Often pain in the present and negative feelings about yourself has roots in early experiences and relationships. Day to day, these early experiences have an ongoing impact on you. 

Psychodynamic counselling can help you to understand yourself better, and move beyond habitual ways of thinking. Whether you’re feeling stuck, confused, lacking in self-esteem, under pressure or overwhelmed, psychodynamic counselling can give you insight, providing a non-judgemental space to think.

My approach is based on psychoanalytic theory, and an acceptance that there is often more going on in our minds than we are aware of. 



About Zoe

I’m a BACP and BPC registered psychodynamic counsellor. I work one-on-one in central Bath and over Zoom. 

I am fully qualified and provide a safe, confidential and reliable service.

I work with all kinds of psychological and relationship difficulties, from depression and anxiety to low self-esteem and adverse childhood experience. Whatever you are struggling with, we can work together to make sense of your thoughts and explore how you might move beyond unhelpful habits and past pain.


My standard fee is £47 per hour, payable on the day.  I have three low-cost slots available to those on a low income.

No availability until September.